Atlantian 12th Night
And Grand Mascherata dal Mare Ball
Sat. Jan. 10th 2015

The year is 1500 and the beautiful city of Venice welcomes you with all the excitement and pageantry that is Carnivale.

The Barony of the Sacred Stone invites you to join us on Sat. Jan. 10th, 2015 as we recreate the glamour and ambiance of the Palazzo Ducale as we come together to celebrate Atlantian Twelfth Night.

The Elm Street Center, in the heart of downtown Greensboro, NC, with its spectacular Empire and Regency Ball Rooms, will take on the warmth and splendor of this romantic city.

Dress in your finest, don your mask and join us for a day filled with music, dance, games, laughter and intrigue!

The Site

The site will be the Elm Street Center (203 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401) and will open at 6:00pm on Friday, January 9th and close at 12:00 pm on Sunday, January 11th.

All of the event's activities will be on Saturday, January 10th from 9:00am to midnight.

The rooms can accommodate up to 1,000 people each and will serve as the centerpieces for a wide range of Twelfth Night activities, including a working Tavern (no outside alcohol, please)!


There will be lots to do at 12th Night. Table games, an art gallery of the Old Masters, bardic activities showcasing artists from all over Atlantia, dancing throughout the day, a murder mystery, a masked parade through the site, portraits with Baron Bardulf, Commedia dell arte performances , children's activities, martial arts demonstration, Tempore Atlantia and a glamourous masked ball....and a working bar selling beer and wine for those who wish to partake.

Giochi - Games

This year at Twelfth Night, attendees can enjoy the intellectual diversions of chess and backgammon or the simpler delight of "pub games". The selection of games will include the popular Gluckshaus (borrowed from Venice's northern neighbor, the Holy Roman Empire), dice, and cards. In addition to regular late-period playing cards, guests will also be able to examine a replica of the the famous Visconti-Sforza tarot deck and learn how to play Italian Renaissance games with them.

Lady Stella da Lodi will be the Giochi Coordinatore. These games are set for those above 15yrs of age. There will be games for younger attendees in the children's area

Galleria di Corridoio - Hallway Gallery

Botticelli, Bellini, Giorgione, Carpaccio, Lippi, Cosimo, and of course da Vinci among others will be highlighted in our gallery. Lady Catherine Ambrose is our curator. Guided tours will be given at 12 noon, 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Sessioni Danza - Dance sessions

Spin, clap, step left, step right, and bow. Our graceful dance mistress Lady Elizabeth and her fellow instructors will make sure we are all up to date on the latest dances from near and far. Put on your dancing shoes and learn some new moves before the grand ball!

La Danza della Morte: A Murder Mystery in Three Acts

There are Sailors, Spies, Condottiero, Medicis and Jealous Lovers celebrating Carnivale today! Portuguese sailors, with their new route to India ... Exotic Ottoman spies looking for Venetian weaknesses and treasure ... A notorious condottiero with eyes for a royal lady is causing no end of upset for the Venetian court ...and the Medicis ... their bank has lent money to Germans, business is down and they're looking to close the local branch ... which would make life very difficult for some businessmen ... and their wives...

All these have come to the Grand Mascherata dal Mare Ball where they mingle and dance with the elite of the city. Everyone hides behind their masks listening and conspiring for there are many plots stirring in the city tonight.

And not everyone will live to celebrate tomorrow. BEWARE!!! Poison! Daggers! Venomous Snakes! How will Death take them? Who will do the terrible deed?

When the wretched act is discovered everyone will be invited to consider the clues, try to solve the crime and save the city. One who solves the mystery will be chosen by the Crown in Their evening court to receive a reward.

Corteo Mascherato - Masked Parade

Don your fancy masks and come with us on a stroll through the merchant area and into the grand ball room at the beginning of the ball. Show off your beautiful mask and win a prize as the assembled masses vote for crowd favorite. All wishing to participate will gather in the rotunda at 7:45 pm.

Tabletop Siege

The city of Venice is under attack! Pirates from the West Indies have made their way to the city on the water to pillage and plunder during Carnival. The city leaders have requested that all siege engines make ready to help protect the citizens during this festive celebration!

In the darkened streets of the seedy areas of the city, pirates who have infiltrated the city already have also recruited citizens to attack the castle, and fill their pockets once the walls have broken.

Bring your table top siege engines for a rousing game of protect (or attack!) the castle, hosted by Baronรถ Bessenyi Rozsa and Singora Niccolina the Wanderer. There will be some engines on loan from her Excellency, but we look forward to seeing what the populace has come up with! No prizes will be awarded, except the satisfaction of destruction and fun with friends. Please have all minors accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager.

Ritratti di Bardulf - Portraits by Bardulf

Grand occasions should be marked by a portrait. Baron Bardulf will grace us with his talent and will be "painting" ditigal portraits of the populace of fair Atlantia. Come early as the line of people wanting to sit for a portrait grows quickly.

Commedia dell Arte

The commedia dell'arte troupe i Firenzi will be performing just prior to Royal Court in the afternoon.. The troupe strives to recreate plays in the style of commedia dell'arte from Florence, Italy around the mid-16th century. Enjoy their unique blend of wit and hijinx!

Attivita per Bambini - Children's Activities

We will have an area for children and their parents to spend time playing games just for them... Ponte di Fortuna, Bocce, and a Carnivale Themed Bean Bag Toss. In the afternoon there will be a mask making workshop and a special dance session for the children. Lady Aine will coordinate schedule full of fun for the children.

Arti Marziali Dimostrazione - Martial Arts Demonstration

Students of the Art of Defense offer a narrated display of their knowledge, skill, and grace to the visiting Atlantian Court in forms as diverse as sword and buckler, two-handed sword, and wrestling. Lord Wistric will lead the demonstration.

Menu of foods to be served at 12th Night 2015

The Italians were well known for the bounty of their kitchens - and that bounty is never greater than at Twelfth Night! On this most special occasion, the Great Hall will be beautifully set and four times during the day food shall be served for the low price of $10 per person for the entire day. Plates and silverware will be provided but bring a mug so that you may drink to the good health of all.

The Royal Cucinare , Lady Muirienne l'aloiere (Nikki Harrington; 336-848-3742; dragonfly78 at gmail) should be contacted regarding any dietary concerns.

Please remember that feast is sold per person regardless of age. All who wish to eat must pre-register.

All dishes documentable to Platina or Libro di cucina, both from Italy during the 15th-16th Centuries.
* - Vegetarian ** - Vegan

Brunch (11:00-12:00)

  • Mini Herb Quiches * & Cheese Quiches *
  • Beef & Pork Sausages
  • Fried apples *
  • Rice Pottage (like rice pudding) *
  • Sweet Rolls (with & without walnut) *

Mid day (2:00 - 3:00)

  • Stuffed Eggs *
  • Dressed Asparagus **
  • Dressed Cucumbers **
  • Dressed Beets **
  • Ham served with Cherry and Mustard Sauces
  • Sliced Salami & Italian cheeses (mozzarella, herbed ricotta, parmesan) Cured Olives & Garlic **
  • Bread & Butter *
  • Fruit (grapes, apples, melon, oranges) *

Evening (6:00-7:00)

  • Mixed Salad **
  • Bread & Butter *
  • Roasted Onions **
  • Fried Mushrooms with Herbs **
  • Dressed Fried Brussel Sprouts
  • Peas Fried in Butter *
  • Roasted Chicken with Pomegranate & Lemon Sauce Pork with Roasted Garlic Sauce
  • Shrimp (dressed with oil, vinegar and spices)
  • Macaroni (baked penne with cheese and herbs) *
  • Millet Polenta *

Desserts (8:00)

  • Biscotti *
  • Almond Custard *
  • White Pie (cheesecake) *
  • Pear Pie *
  • Spiced Nuts *
  • Wine Poached Apples **
  • Layered Pastries and Snow *

Directions from the east

From the east (on I-40 W / I-85 S Branch)

  • Depart I-40 W / I-85 S Branch 0.1 mi
  • At exit 222, take ramp right toward Sanford 0.5 mi
  • Turn right onto Martin Luther King Jr Dr. Pass CITGO in 1.0 mi 1.9 mi
  • Keep right onto S Davie St 269 ft
  • Turn right to stay on S Davie St 0.2 mi
  • Turn left onto E Washington St, and then immediately turn right onto S Elm St 0.1 mi
  • Arrive at The Elm Street Center. The last intersection is W Washington St. If you reach E February One Pl, you've gone too far 0 ft

Directions from the west

  • Depart I-40 E 0.7 mi
  • At exit 218B, take ramp right and follow signs for Freeman Mill Rd. Pass CITGO in 0.8 mi 3.0 mi
  • Road name changes to S Edgeworth St 0.2 mi 4. Turn right onto W Market St. Hardee's on the corner 0.3 mi
  • Turn right onto S Greene St 371 ft
  • Turn left onto W February One Pl 384 ft
  • Turn right onto S Elm St 66 ft B 8. Arrive at The Elm Street Center. The last intersection is E February One Pl. If you reach W Washington St, you've gone too far

Important Note!

Parking is on the next street over, behind the Center in the parking garage at no cost, or on the street. ( 200 South Davies St. Greensboro, NC ) There is also a parking garage on Washington St, and another on Green St. that are very close to the event.

The only entrance to the site will be through the parking garage. Gate will be located at that entrance. There will be no access to the site from the front of the building.

The Grande Mascherata Dal Mare Ball

Dancing is an integral part of 12th Night and so there shall be dancing all day, culminating in the Grande Ball at 8:00 pm. A mask competition will determine the best of those who have created beautiful masks for all to see and will begin with a masked parade throughout the site.

Our Dance Mistress, Lady Elizabeth, will post a dance list very soon. If you have questions about the dances at the Ball or want to help with running the dances, contact Lady Elizabeth at mills_se at yahoo


staff pic Capo Evento (Event Steward)
Baroness Caitlin MacDonoughue / Ruth Harris
LadyCaitlinM at gmail
staff pic Vice Capo Evento (Deputy Event Steward & Director of Entertainment)
Lord Vincenzo d'Este / Brad Mills at gmail
staff pic Rrenotazioni Capo (Reservationist)
Lord Edmund Hawkesworth / Bailey Harris
edmund.hawkesworth at yahoo
staff pic Reale Cucinare (Royal Cook)
Lady Murienne l'aloiere / Nikole Harrington
Murienne at
staff pic Padrona di Intrighi (Mistress of Intrigue)
Barönin Gisela vom Kreuzbach / Kate Rauhauser-Smith
gisela.vomkreuzbach at gmail
staff pic Capo del Server (Server Captain & Royal Luncheon Hostess)
Duchess Brianna O'Duinn / Sherra Dunn
brianna at
staff pic Capo di Giochi (Games Steward)
Lady Stella da Lodi / Kim Bourne
stella at
staff pic Galleria Curatore (Gallery Curator)
Lady Catherine Ambrose / Bethany Nichols
catherine.ambrose85 at gmail
staff pic Capo Araldo (Herald In Charge)
Lord Andres Joyce
andresandisobel at gmail
staff pic Capo di Artisti (A&S Steward)
Lady Annora Hall / Kathy Murphy
annorahall at yahoo
staff pic Assedio Capo (Siege Steward - Table Top)
Baronö Bessenyi Rozsa / Rachel Rosado
rozsa at
staff pic Sicurezza Capo (Head of Security)
Lord Alasander Davidson
unccdragon at yahoo
staff pic Cancello Custode (Gate Keeper)
Lady Jdeke von Kolberg
ladyjdeke at gmail
staff pic Pinze Spettacolo Capo (Historic Martial Arts Display)
Lord Wistric Oftun / Owen Townes
otownes at gmail
staff pic Danza Capo (Dance Mistress)
Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland
mills_se at yahoo
staff pic Capo dei Bambini (Children's Activities)
Lady Aine O' Grienan
twolfpax at gmail
staff pic Capo Commerciante (Merchant Steward)
Mistress Etain of Sutherland / Robin White
claybabyetain at aol
staff pic Reale di Collegamento (Royal Liaison)
Mistress Jessamyn de Piemonte / Grace Morris
grace.morris at
staff pic Capo Artista (Performing Arts)
Lady Sophia the Orange / Lara Coutinho
orangesophie at gmail
staff pic Sito Architetto (Website Architect)
Lord Cameron de Grey / Robert Huttinger
Cameron at gee mail
staff pic Royal Luncheon
Gwyn Wilf

Reservations & Event Fees

The quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to make your reservations is to use the online ACCEPS ( system, which securely allows you to charge your reservations to your credit card. Please visit ACCEPS ( to make online reservations.

You may also send U.S.P.S. reservations with checks made payable to: S.C.A., Inc/Barony of Sacred Stone to: Bailey Harris, 136 Romany Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117.

The site fee for the event is $15.00 for adult SCA members. The site fee is FREE for children ages 0-17. Unfortunately, all adult non-members must pay a $5.00 surcharge mandated by the Society.

The feast fee for each person is $10.00. This price is per person regardless of age, for food service four times throughout the day.

If you need any assistance or further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with The Autocrat, Baroness Caitlin MacDonoughue (Ruth Harris, 136 Romany Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117; (704) 773-0179; LadyCaitlinM at gmail

Welcome Merchants!

click to view larger image

We have set aside a lovely area for you to sell your wares. Each merchant who registers with Mistress Etain will be given 2 8 foot tables and two chairs.

The tables MUST be covered. In keeping with the theme of Carnivale we ask that you dress up your area with colorful cloths.

The gate will open at 6pm on Friday evening and we ask that if at all possible you set up your merchant area on Friday to that come Saturday morning you are ready to sell! If you are unable to set up on Friday then you will need to speak with Mistress Etain about early morning set up on Saturday.

We will have a section of the parking deck set aside for merchants to help with loading and unloading.

There is no merchant fee for the event but we do ask that you pre-reg.

For more info please contact Mistress Etain of Sutherland at

  • Acorn Girl
  • Arte of the Book
  • Claybaby Pottery
  • House Grey and SCA yard sale
  • Longship Traders
  • Miriam's Yans and Fibers
  • North Star Armoury
  • Soaring Needles
  • X Marks the Pot

A & S

Illumination Contest Sponsored by the Royal Scrivner


Create an illumination based on an Italian manuscript.

The Twist

Incorporate one of Their Majesties' whims.


The Rules

Create an illumination based on an Italian manuscript 800-1600 CE. You can create this on any surface, creativity is a plus! You must incorporate one of the whims of Their Majesties. How you do it, is up to you. Documentation is strongly encouraged. If have any questions, please contact me at aemiliarosa@comcast(dot)net.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship Competition.

This is one of three events in Their Majesties reign that they would like to have this competition in their

The Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion will be selected for excellence in any static Art or Science recognized from our time period.

The Duties & Responsibilities of the Arts & Sciences Champion:

The Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion is expected to encourage Arts & Sciences throughout the Kingdom of Atlantia.

They should sponsor at least one competition during their tenure.

They should teach in such venues as are available and reasonable.

They are expected to compete as the Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion at Gulf Wars.

Selection of the Arts & Sciences Champion:

The selection of the Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion will be made solely by the King and Queen of Atlantia (in consultation with respected authorities in the A&S community). There are no other judges for this position.

Individuals wishing to vie for this role will be given several opportunities to display their work for Their Majesties to see.

Display space for entrants will be available at: Fall Crown, Kingdom Twelfth Night & Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival. The new Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion will be announced at Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival on March 7th.

Specific Gulf Wars Requirements for This Position:

The Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion is expected to participate in the Gulf Wars XX Arts and Sciences Champion's Battle. This competition takes place on Thursday, from 8am - 4pm. Details are located here:

They are also highly encouraged to participate in the Meridies-Gleann Abhann Open A&S on the following day.

Open Display Space at Twelfth Night

Bring your inspirations, your starts and/or stops. There will be a display space at Twelfth Night where your work can be admired by your peers and perhaps even inspire others. Display areas will be limited to a 18" X 18" space on a table we will provide. If you need more space contact annorahall (annorahall AT yahoo DOT com) prior to the event. We will provide space on a first come basis.

Tempore Atlantia

2015: 1500 A.D. to 1600 A.D.

Poeta Atlantiae

The Poeta Atlantiae is sponsoring a poetry competition at Kingdom Twelfth Night. The challenge is to write a poem either in a style used by Venetian poets of the fifteenth century, or about an event in Venice between 1400 and 1500 AD. Much of the poetry of this time period was influenced by the earlier works of Petrarch, Dante and Boccaccio. Poets included Lorenzo de Medici, Luigi Pulci and Leonardo Giustinian. Forms used include the canzone and the ottava rima.

Remember, the challenge is for fun and extra points. You can enter a poem that does not meet the requirements of the challenge. You would just not get points for the theme. A period style is required. Documentation is requested, but not required. There will be a prize for the winner. Have fun and brighten Atlantia with the beauty of your words!

Mask Competition at 12th Night

One of the most delightful things about Carnival is the ability to disguise your identity with a wonderful mask. Be it simple or elaborate, you can be as creative as you choose. During the day on Saturday, there will be a masked parade from the upstairs merchant area to the downstairs ballroom of all who wish to participate and have fun by joining in. If you want to enter your hand decorated mask in the competition, then after the parade you will place your mask on the tables provided along with your name. The populace will be invited to vote on their favorite mask by dropping a bead in the cup provided for each participant. The winner will be announced at Court and will win a prize.

Have fun, see how unusual and creative you can be with your mask.

Garb Competition at 12th Night

12th Night is the time to bring out your finest garb. Will your garb make people stop and stare and admire? Will there be ooohs and ahhs as you walk by? Let your hours of planning and attention to detail pay off for you. There will be a garb competition at 12th Night to choose the garb that best typifies the time frame and authenticity of the event. Two winners will be selected.....Best Individual Garb and Best Couples Garb. Secret judges will be on the lookout throughout the event to spot those whose garb really stand out. If you wish to be part of the competition, then just be sure to visit the A&S table to sign in and to pick up a ribbon. Wear it on Sat so that the judges know you want to be considered. The winners will be announced at Court and the prizes presented then.

Period Baking / Dessert Competition

In honor of our Queen, known to many as the "Dessert Duchess", Lady Murienne l'aloiere will be sponsoring a period dessert / baked good competition. This will be a populace choice competition held in the evening during the Ball. A table will be provided for the tasty treats and the populace will be asked to select the dish they like the best. The dish with the most votes will receive a prize.

Short Documentation and a list of ingredients are required to enter.

Greetings Atlantia!

An embarrassment of riches awaits you at our Kingdom's finest ever Twelfth Night celebration event on January 10th! In the realm of Performing Arts, you have the following activities to keep you amused, laughing, dancing, singing, and otherwise celebrating all day long!

Atrium Concert Series

From 11:00am to 2:00pm in the round atrium on the middle level, there will be space for all comers to perform for the populace! If you wish to perform, please sign up for a 15-30 minute slot on the online sign up sheet here:

In the same space, a come-one-come-all sing-a-long will be led by the Southern Atlantian Wailers from 2:00pm - 3:30pm. The Southern Atlantian Wailers is an a Capella four-part harmony pick-up choir established in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Atlantia. They love to sing harmonies and rounds! Come join them if you love to sing and can join them at events. They are open to anyone who wants to sing with them, whether you read music or not. There are no official performances: they sing for fun! The group was formed at Return to Crecy on June 28, 2014.

Dancing All Day!

On the upper level of our holiday palace, dance classes will be held all day!

The The Grande Mascherata Dal Mare Ball will culminate the evening dancing and will be a thrill for all with live period musicians and instruments! Evening dancing will commence after our most noble Majesties hold their evening court and the evening meal is served (estimated to begin dancing at about 8:00pm).

Performing Arts Classes

A first-ever class series will be presented teaching student the history and development of European theater from ancient history of Rome through the Commedia dell' Arte up to the end of SCA period in 1600. This class is being team taught by Sophia the Orange and her new best friend, Machteld Cleine from the Barony of Nottinghill Coil. Machteld holds a Masters Degree in Theater Science from the University of Utrecht and is a joy to learn from no matter your experience level in theater.

Other Performing Arts classes may show up on the schedule between now and January 10th, and possible classes include: Bardic 101, Taking the Teeth out of Stagefright, and Storytelling. Check the website for times and locations.

Atlantia Kingdom Bard Competition

The annual competition to decide who will have the honor and the responsibility of serving as the new Kingdom Bard for Atlantia will commence as is traditional at 12th Night! Our current Kingdom Bard, the magnificent Lady Scholastica, will run a competition where she will ask for two prepared pieces of different styles with at least one being documented. More specific criteria for acceptable material for this competition will be forthcoming, so please watch the Merry Rose email list and Kingdom of Atlantia Facebook groups for more announcements. Please contact Lady Scholastica for specific questions, but remember also that the final decision regarding who wins this competition lies with Their Majesties.

Shakespeare Performance Competition

At an hour yet TBD, at the location of the stage where court will be held on the top level of the site, anyone wishing to honor the 450th birthday of our favorite English bard by performing a piece written by William Shakespeare is welcome to compete for honor, glory, bragging rights, and an amusing prize. Bonus points will be given for pieces from the play "Twelfth Night," pieces from plays taking place in Italian locations like "Romeo and Juliet", or pieces referring to anything Italian. Judges will choose the winner in a completely subjective fashion subject to influence by flattery and bribery. Participants are encouraged to sign up ahead of time by emailing Sophia the Orange at "dmoas-performance AT" but may also sign up on the day of the event.

Commedia dell' Arte by the troupe i Firenzi!

And what Italian holiday celebration would be complete without some COMMEDIA!?! In the hour before evening court, your favorite commedia troupe i Firenzi will again bring you the antics of Arlecchino, Pantalone, Dottore, Pedrolino, Columbina, Isabella, Oratio, Francheschina, and the greatest ever spanish Capitano Spavento! This high energy comedy play is called "Arlecchino In Love" and is adapted from the 17th century Napoli scenarios in the Casamarciano manuscript to fit the style of the 16th century commedia done in Florence as documented by Flamino Scala. The troupe will be improvising from a basic scenario in the period style, so if you saw this show earlier in the summer, we promise a new and different performance! It's different every time! (This show is 100% family friendly and perfectly fine for children of all ages - in deep contrast to the show at War of the Wings.)

For any questions about Performing Arts at Twelfth Night, please do not hesitate to contact the event's Performing Arts coordinator, Lady Sophia the Orange, at "dmoas-performance AT" or "capo AT".

(Site opens at 9am & Closes at 12pm) Activities are color coded by room in which they take place.

BLUE - Camera della Udiezne (Throne Room) on Level 2
RED - Sala (Ballroom) on Level 2
GREEN - Sala da Pranzo (Dining Room) on Level B downstairs
PURPLE - The Rialto (Merchants/Children/Rotunda/Gallery) on Level 1
ORANGE - Saletta (Sitting Area) on Level 2
Level B Level 1 Level 2
10:00am Morning Court in Camera della Udiezne
Act 1 Murder Mystery (during court)
A&S Drop off
11:00am Brunch Service Begins (till 12pm)
Bardulf's Studio Opens downstairs
Rotunda Performances Begin
Dance Class w/Lord Stefan of Cambion
11:30am "Commedia" Class
Kingdom Bardic Competition begins
Children's Mask Making
12:00pm Game Tables Open
English Country Dance Class w/Baron Geldamar le Faceur
Tour of the Palazzo Gallery
Table Top Siege (till 2pm)
Fiber Solar Begins (till 4pm)

A&S Judging (till 2pm)
12:30pm "Bardic 101" Class
Children's Mask Parade

Act 2 Murder Mystery (In the Art Gallery)
1:00pm Historic Martial Arts Demo
Shakespeare Recitation Contest Begins
1:30pm Kingdom Bard Competition continues
"Theatre History" Class
2:00pm Lunch Service Begins (till 3pm)
Children's Ball
Dance Class w/Lord Edward Godale
Sing a-long w/ Southern Atlantian Wailers (till 3:45 pm)
A&S Populace Tour (till 4pm)
3:00pm Tour of the Palazzo Gallery
Table Top Siege (Children welcome till 5pm)
Ballo di Fiore w/Lady Isobel Muire
2:45pm Act 3 Murder Mystery (In the Dining Room)
3:45pm i Ferenzi Performance
4:00pm A&S Pick Up (till 5pm)
Bransle Class w/Baron Geldamar le Faceur
5:00pm Evening Court
6:00pm Dinner Service Begins
Dance Class w/Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland
7:00pm Tour of the Palazzo Gallery
7:45pm Masked Parade Starts
8:00pm Grand Ball Begins (till 11 pm)
Children's Movie Night
Dessert Begins